Deep Lunar Blue
Deep Lunar Blue Deep Lunar Blue is an Americana rock band from Springfield IL. With the release of their first album, "Watch it Burn", DLB is looking to hit the bar and club circuit in and around central Illinois. "With 36 shows in the can, including many at the main, local hot spot nightclubs, and an 11-song CD ready to shine, Deep Lunar Blue is rising like a full moon upon the lonesome prairie." – Illinois Times

The band is made up of four members. Randal Hall – Guitar, Vocals, J. J. Moffat – Drums and Percussion, Ryan Pulver – Bass and Vocals, & Shane Quigley Guitar and Vocals. Ryan and Randall started in the popular bluegrass band The Reel Channel Cats and played over a hundred gigs most notably at The Soho Music Festival and with Great American Taxi feat. Vince Herman. While continuing to play with the Channel Cats, Ryan started jam sessions his old college friend Moffat and his long time band mate Shane (from Jumbo Elliott and Boxspring Express). When Randal got on board the sparks really started to fly and Deep Lunar Blue was born.

It's their one year anniversary and Deep Lunar Blue is looking to get out of town and start showing what they've got, and that is a lot of talent and a hot new CD to back it up.