Shelley Doty
Shelley Doty Labeled "a future legend" by one reviewer and a "guitar goddess" by another, Shelley Doty is considered one the best independent performers in the business. Watching her perform is awe-inspiring due to her masterful guitar licks, soulful voice and charismatic stage presence. As a songwriter, she creates articulate songs for today by sprinkling them with respect for the music of her youth (rock, R&B, jazz, funk). Shelley sings with passion and plays with an authentic raw energy that cuts through the air with jubilant imagination and freshness. Her brand new CD "Over The Line" is now out and available via CD Baby.

In addition to fronting her band, the Shelley Doty X-tet, Shelley also often performs solo acoustic. When Shelley plays electric guitar she rips into it like no other woman ever has - she has a swagger and confidence to play lead guitar that is as rare as it is electrifying. But she also has the subtly and tenderness to cause an audience to shiver at the elegance of her voice and insightful lyrics. Don't be fooled though - she can bring the same intensity she's known for when playing electric to an acoustic setting.

Shelley is currently featured on the cover of the Fall edition of Acoustic Guitar Magazine yearly stand alone issue - Play Guitar. She also has a 2 page spread with photos in the Spring 2004 issue of ROCKRGRL Magazine.

In addition to performing and recording her own material, Shelley is a versatile lead guitarist. She has played with and recorded CDs for the avant-punk-classical Bonfire Madigan (Kill Rock Stars), Kindness (rocktronica), Yo Miles!, and Pele Juju, regional world beat favorites. Shelley can also be heard on CDs by Rosin Coven, Melissa Crabtree, the Redwood Project, Judea Eden, Green Huse, and Gwen Avery. Her songs have made it onto several compilations, including "Calling All Kings and Queens" (with Amy Ray and Sleater Kinny), "wildFire", "SF2000 Timecapsule" and "Wine, Women and Song". Shelley is also the co-creator, musical director and script-writer for a teen and adult animated project called Strange Frame ( And she is honored to have a song featured in the upcoming movie, "Healing Sex", based on the acclaimed psychological text by Staci Haines "The Survivors Guide to Sex --How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Child Sexual Abuse".

Prior to the X-tet, Shelley was part of the popular West Coast band Jambay, who toured relentlessly for many years and released three independent CDs before disbanding in 1996.