The Flavor Savers
The Flavor Savers The Flavors Savers are one of the most elec­tric party bands on this earth. They play orig­i­nal music blend­ing elec­tro, rock, disco and hip-hop gen­res combined with a mind blow­ing, high energy live show that stim­u­lates all of the senses and set The Flavor Savers apart. Prepare your­self for the­atri­cal dance rou­tines, ridicu­lous cos­tumes, and a truly unique sonic expe­ri­ence. If an audi­ence doesn’t cheer exces­sively, laugh hys­ter­i­cally, and dance out of con­trol, then The Flavor Savers didn’t do their job.

For The Flavor Savers, it is impor­tant to make every show unique. They have a bit of a shtick with flashy dress and writ­ing songs about sexy mus­taches, but they also have the chops to back it up. They per­form with some of the best musi­cians in Chicago and at some of the most respected venues in the country.

Recent accom­plish­ments include:

-Romeo DanceCheetah is crowned US National Air Guitar Champion
-Featured on CBS Sunday Morning Show with Bill Geist.
-Opening for John Oates (Hall & Oates) at Robert Orpheum Theatre in St. Louis
-Featured in River Front Times St. Louis
-2009 East Coast Tour through NYC, Albany, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Burlington, VT.
-Movember Featured Band
-2011 SXSW Tour
-Sexified Bonnaroo in 2010 and 2011