Special Guests (WA)
Special Guests (WA) Brian Mackey – Vocals, Guitar

Marcus Rodriguez – Bass, BGVs

Sam Dean - Drums

Special Guests are taking party rock to another level. By mixing their own blend of rock with garage punk, this 3 piece from Everett, WA is keeping the crowds laughing and screaming for more.

Currently Special Guests is writing music while planning the recording of their first demo release in March. The band plans to tour locally to support its launch expanding their fan base regionally to throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Special Guests has recently begun working with StepOut! Entertainment to assist them in this new set of goals. Together they are doing whatever it takes to gain more exposure and push the band to new heights.

Topically, Special Guests songs cover many issues. The standard ex-girlfriend heart break and tragedy are common themes in Homie Hopper and FYP. However more serious issues also include making a stand against violence from a drunken parent or spouse as in Domestic Abuse. Obligation covers the necessity of working a job “for the man” while reaching for your dreams and achieving your goals.

Uniting from literally 3 different corners of the United States, this hat trick of friends has the typical garage band beginning. Their chance meeting came when an acquaintance introduced singer / guitarist Brian to Marcus (bass) and Sam (drums). After playing together for just a couple of hours, the boys knew that they had something to offer and made this union official as “a band”. About a year ago, a mutual friend had heard their tunes and pulled Special Guests out of their “garage band” status and placed them on the bill at a local bar. The crowd went crazy and was hooked. Therefore history was made.

Special Guests has musical influences that range from NoFX to Pantera and Pennywise to The Beatles. With the influx of shows, it’s obvious that the bands talent and dedication is just as enormous. There is no slowing Special Guests. Their determination and passion will put their name on every flyer and ticket stub around the Northwest. Look for it…. It’s there!