Magmablood MAGMABLOOD is a precise and professional blend of futuristic rhythm and organic melody.

Considered fresh and original, MAGMABLOOD has been described as "a hybrid mix of Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers."

MAGMABLOOD is the musical vision of Appalachian-based producer and multi-instrumentalist: Nikolai Borziak.

MAGMABLOOD puts heavy emphasis on live performances. It is not uncommon for The Live Magmablood Experience to have extra on-stage musicians that incorporate drums, keyboards, guitars, and even trumpets alongside a seriously raw Live PA Set that gets any crowd moving.

After sharing the stage with national acts such as Shpongle and Ott, the MAGMABLOOD sound has become know as a smooth blend of Dub, Trip Hop, Eastern Rhythms, and Organic Glitch Hop that is sweeping both the club and festival circuits.