M80 Mailbox
M80 Mailbox M80 Mailbox features Josh Clark (Tea Leaf Green), Dave Brogan (ALO) and Sean Leahy. When these three San Francisco rockers aren't out on the road with their main" musical projects they are blasting local clubs with their brand of heavy, driving, shuffling sludge-rock. But don't get the wrong impression - this is not some casual hobby. The primal energy of M80 Mailbox is an essential supplement to the more accessible music these guys make with their more listener-friendly day-bands. M80 Mailbox performs songs entitled "Bite the Hand" or, "Class Dismissed" often donning wife beaters (if possible, as long as no one has been hitting the 12oz. weights to hard or having a fat day.") It's love songs for Neanderthals. It's like an M80 firecracker exploding in your Mailbox!