Sarah Mueller
Sarah Mueller Well, i've been writing songs for about three years now. i really enjoy what i do, but i'm also very shy about it. i tend to play it off, but don't be fooled, i'm quaking on the inside :P. i love my family (and by that i mean the one i have built) my friends, my people, the ones i feel safe with, the ones who can make me feel at home even when i'm miles away. they're my comfort. my safety blanket. they're like music to me. music is also my safety blanket. it makes me so happy! i'm currently working on recording new stuff, but only because i promised Alyssa a CD for her birthday (and several other people... partially because i'm hardcore broke) so if anyone wants to donate to the CD fund, please feel free ;) i have recently shifted my life plans a little. i hope to attend Trinity University and get my Bachelors degree in English, and then my Masters of Arts in Teaching so i can become a high school English teacher and later a school counselor. if i can play music and make money, then i will, but only so that i can fund the dream i have for the world. i'm just really cautious about putting myself "out there", because "there" for musicians is really scary. i've never wanted to be famous, but if it works out that way i want to be the best i can be and do good things with what i have. This layout was handmade with love by the folks at My space or yours? Go get one!