Crunk In Public
Crunk In Public Crunk In Public is the new Turbo-Crunk mashup side-project of West Coast producer/DJs, Bassobese and RaSouL. Having recently released his latest album, '49 Nights Of Twilight' on SF label, Muti Music, Bassobese is quickly becoming known around the US for his unique sound and style. RaSouL has been DJing for the past 10 years, and recently has completed building the Nautilus Sound System, one of the West Coast's largest systems. Crunk In Public combine the catchy playfulness of Rap, Hip-Hop and RnB with the raging bass and dance-vibes of Dubstep and Glitch-Hop, bringing something fresh that everyone can get down to.

'Badunkacrunk' is just the first in a series of turbocrunk dubstep mashup and remix EPs being released in 2010 by Crunk In Public, alongside Bassobese’s other side-project BEATSTROKE!!!, a Retrostep mashup project that just released the debut EP, 'tigerstroke'.