Grood Grood is super-colorful, extra-emotive rock and roll from Chicago. Grood used to be called Savvy, but had to change its name due to copyright infringement. Grood = Savvy. Savvy = Grood.

Besides writing and recording music, Grood has begun to be well known for its live shows. Once a year it performs a brand new, one time only live performance called "The ACTual Show," where the fans' favorite songs are "acted" out on stage along with the music. This is a 30 performer, multimedia experience that usually leaves people scratching their heads, wondering what they just saw.

All parts are written and recorded by Charlie Otto, lead singer of Talking Heads tribute "This Must be the Band." Besides pretending to be David Byrne, Charlie spends his time making original music with the help of his fellow This Must Be the Band member, Kasey Foster (Redmoon Theater).

For most of his music, Charlie also enlists the help of superstar drummer/producer Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Filter, Morrissey) and slick bass man Alan Berliant (Mavis Staples). They are great.

Although Grood strongly suggests you listen to its music, it is also able to describe it, and here it goes:

Almost every song is completely different from the song before, the only common thread being the groove. There is always a groove, whatever that is. The rhythm is danceable, the chords are lush, the words are images, the singing is thick, the forms are minimal, but there is always the lovely backbeat, because they like it. If the backbeat is not there, just wait, it will be there soon.

Grood generates an amazing amount of content, and you can always count on a new video or rough draft every couple weeks. Its good stuff, just go to the YouTube channel (