Sons of Great Dane
Sons of Great Dane Sons of Great Dane spent much of the winter of 2011 hunkered down in a small studio control room completing the final mix of their new EP You Can't Lose it all, All at Once. A debut album for their new record label, Sharp County Records, this EP marks a new twist on the band's sound, conveying a darker, more serious tone in their music. Omitting some of the alt country influences that earned them praise in the past, they have allowed their love of the Big Star and Elliot Smith style pop to emerge to the forefront. Sharp County Records plans to re-release the band's first record, Why Ramble? (2009), recorded with engineer/ producer Lou Whitney (Wilco).

Even with its limited, regional release, Why Ramble? received national accolades in the power pop scene, earning spots on Top 20 album of the year lists in both Absolute Power Pop and Daggerzine. Sons of Great Dane originated in 2007 when Brent Windler (guitar/vocals) and Nolle Bond (bass) became roommates and started writing music together. In 2009, they added drummer Nathan "Jr." Richardson, and one year later, longtime friend Evanjohn Nash McIntosh (guitar) joined the band. In 2011, John Yeates took over on drums, and in early 2012 the band completed their current lineup, with the addition of guitarist/ singer Eric Murphy, giving the band a new depth of sound and possibilities with the three-guitar setup and harmonies. Sons of Great Dane is excited about the coming year, their newly formed relationship with Sharp County Records, and the endless opportunities national promotion and distribution can provide.