For any other band, it'd be unreasonable to say you want to be the first band to play on the moon, but for BATTLEHOOCH, it only seems natural.

Formed by a group of UCSC music students, the men of BATTLEHOOCH have taken the Bay Area by sheer will alone after moving to San Francisco in December 2006. Living in a single house in the outer Sunset district, the band began showing up at every local show, adorned in self- silkscreened headbands proclaiming BATTLEHOOCH. Quickly garnering a following of musicians, artists and captivated spectators, the band's early shows saw them playing with the same abandon as their marketing techniques, a raw blend of future prog, electronic compositions and raw 60's maximum R&B. Selling out their entire 1000 copy pressing of their self-released OOF OWF EP, BATTLEHOOCH became the favorite band of every SF band pursuing what came next; perhaps more than their music, their attitude toward their work and the art of their peers had the Bay Area underground embracing BATTLEHOOCH as the way forward.

Their debut LP, Piecechow, was released in June of 2009 and was self-recorded and produced in their collective home, "the battlepad". The songs reflect their seemingly unending musical palette, equally drawing on Roxy Music glam, big band jazz harmony and noisy spazz freakouts of today's DIY scene. Piecechow careens through nine tracks that heap melody on melody, programmed beats on lo-fi drum loops, huge guitars on top of echoed flutes. The mix clatters with layers and ideas, then gelling into muscular climaxes that show the band's live prowess and cohesive vision.

Having established themselves as a band who puts on highly infectious live performances, (filled with sweaty crowds, headbands, and live projected visuals) BATTLEHOOCH graced many stages of San Francisco's premiere night clubs in the latter half of 2009. After their June CD release @ Bottom of the Hill they played a co-headlining show at Slims on August 20th. They exposed their mutual love affair with Bottom of the Hill by playing their first headlining show there in November 2009, to a sold out crowd.

BATTLEHOOCH continued the promotion of their new album with the web launch of, the release of two music videos to accompany the tracks 'The Special Place and Looks You Can't See'. They also made three, one week expeditions up and down the west coast; playing to their growing fan-bases in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Olympia, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. With the short term goal of conquering the continental tour circuit in mind, BATTLEHOOCH takes no back seat to touring...

Final mixing began in December 2009 of what will be the third in the catalogue. Rather than taking a completely DIY approach to their third album, they decide to solicit the engineering and mixing expertise of their friend and colleague, Jason Kick from Maus Haus. Lots of practice and two long days at Studio Paradiso yielded what may be some of their best recordings to date. BATTLEHOOCH has plans to release this new body of work in April of 2009. With the pending release, BATTLEHOOCH will reveal an aesthetic of theirs which has yet to be heard in previous recordings. Wildly ambitious yet multi-dimensional, San Francisco's latest group of shape-shifters are ready to introduce themselves to the world. Maybe after that, the men of BATTLEHOOCH can get to work on those lunar ambitions...

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"But probably the wildest and weirdest outfit in San Francisco right now has got to be Battlehooch - a hyperactive brotherhood of Captain Beefheart fanatics who peddle crazy party-prog that few can comprehend but everyone wants to dance to (irrespective of how completely impossible it may be). Fearlessly experimental, boundlessly energetic and when they end their sets by ripping through an insane cover of James Brown's "Superbad" you can't help but wonder that the weather's like on their planet." - NME Magazine (UK) ( printed version)

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