Brotherhood of Groove
Brotherhood of Groove

Brotherhood of Groove is a high-energy band that has elevated the New Orleans Funk sound to new and exciting levels of creative complexity. The BOG's unique style fuses soulful New Orleans brass band vocals with old school funk, rock, reggae, and modern and traditional jazz. In just five years, the BOG has developed a complex and sensational repertoire of over 90 songs which has generated a large and loyal national fan base. Their albums, Pocket Full of Funk and BOG Style, the extensive list of collaborating master musicians, and the band's full time coast-to-coast touring have all contributed to their well-deserved success.

Rarely in the music world has a bandleader arrived on the scene as talented and focused as guitarist/singer/songwriter Brandon Tarricone. Voted among the "top ten guitarists by the 2001 Jambase reader's poll". Tarricone's creative songwriting and arrangements have attracted some of the country's best musicians eager to collaborate with him. His complex harmonic chord work, virtuoso fingering and soulful touch-combined with his intense on-stage energy, and gut wrenching vocals-make people rise-up and dance for hours.

In 2004 the band added Producer/Sax player Jeff Watkins, known as lead Tenor for the James Brown Band for the last 14 years, to tighten the sound to the point of perfection. The Rhythm section is led by veteran heavy weight bassist Paul Chase driving the groove, combined with Jon Massing's masterful New Orleans style drumming, all of which makes even tame audiences rise and dance. A celebrated horn section led by Geoff Vidal includes several saxophones, as well as flute, to create a diverse symphonic jazz sound.

The Brotherhood's communal musicianship has allowed the band to collaborate with and incorporate a number of amazing players into their performances during every tour, throughout the U.S. The Brotherhood's unique sound has been enhanced by horn masters: Martin Fierro (Jerry Garcia band, Sly and the Family Stone), Michael Ray (trumpet, Phish/Sun Ra/Kool and the Gang), John Ellis (sax, Charlie Hunter Quartet), Dave Grippo (sax, Trey Anastasio Band, Phish), Karl Denson, Jessica Lurie, Eric Traub (sax, Dr. John), Sam Kininger (Soulive) and Big Sam (Dirty Dozen) are just a few of the chosen ones who rotate within the Brotherhood's horn section.

The band has maintained balance by recording their first album, Pocket Full of Funk, at Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans, with mastering by Mark Wilder (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock) at Sony Studios, New York. Released in January 2002, Pocket Full of Funk was voted among the top ten albums of 2002 by Gambit Weekly (January, 2003) and garnered many great reviews across the country.

The newest album, BOG Style features an amazing horn section with Jeff Watkins (James Brown Band), Sam Kininger (Soulive), Geoff Vidal, Steve Bernstein (Sex Mob), Henley Douglas Jr, (Boston Horns), and guests Ivan Neville (Neville Brothers), and Marco Benevento (the Duo) among others. Just released, BOG Style has taken the Brotherhood to yet another level of musicianship and foretells the band's likely success as one of the next, major national touring acts. So, join the Brotherhood experience now.