Good Luck Dark Star
Good Luck Dark Star Memphis' Pop maestro extraordinaire Bret Krock formed Good Luck Dark Star after taking time off from his last superb pop band Eighty Katie folded a couple of years ago. Like a phoenix rising in the sun-soaked desert, Krock is back with a fantastic new group and an amazing record titled You'll Need It. Good Luck Dark Star's influences range from Stanley Kubrick and John Carpenter in the visual world to pop savants Todd Rundgren, Chris Bell, Jeff Lynne & Abba, as well as everyone's favorite pop duo Hall & Oates.

You'll Need It is a delightful all-over-the-pop-map romp filled with smash hits from virtually every corner of the songbook. Starting with a less-brain damaged Flaming Lipsian "Blackout"to the Beach Boys-like "Map of the Sun"to the all-out rock anthems of "Sorry Now"and "Last Hurrah". You'll Need It will soon be blasting out of Ipods & Zunes all over the world.

Get aboard the Good Luck Dark Star spaceship now and follow Krock's love of pop to the top of the charts in the furthest reaches of the pop solar system! Also, ook for the surreal Chad Schaffler video for the song "Good Luck"coming to a You Tube near you!