Chris Harford & the Band of Changes
Chris Harford & the Band of Changes

We here at Chocodog Records and Reincarnate Music are pleased to add Chris Harford to our little circle of friendship, and announce the release of Looking Out for Number 6. People in the Northeast are probably already familiar with Chris, as this New Jersey native has been writing, recording, and playing music for nearly 2 decades. This release marks his 8th solo album. Previous to launching a solo career, Chris was a member of celebrated early 80's Boston band Three Colors. Always in good musical company, fellow band members included Dana Colley, saxophonist in the legendary band Morphine, and Hub Moore, who went on to release an amazing album for Slash Records in the late '90s, produced by Chris.

Chris' solo career took off when he recorded an album for Elektra Records released in 1992,the critically acclaimed Be Headed, which featured guest appearances by Richard Thompson, The Proclaimers, Toshi Reagon and Ween, among others. The relationship with Elektra ended shortly thereafter, and since then Chris has released 6 solo albums on his own label Soul Selects/Black Shepherd Records. All 5 members of Ween have been working and gigging with Chris since 1990, and it was through Chris that Ween ended up getting signed by Elektra in 1992.

So, it makes perfect sense that our first non-Ween release on Chocodog Records would be the new Chris Harford album Looking Out for Number 6. The record was recorded in New Hope, PA and was produced by Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween). A prolific songwriter and talented guitarist, Chris has developed a devoted fan base, becoming known for performing marathon concerts with a rotating stable of the region's finest musicians, including many of the aforementioned, the one constant being the name of his band, The Band of Changes. In keeping with that vibe, it is fitting that the only guests on this album (outside of Dean and Gene Ween) are two musicians who Chris met on the day the songs were recorded (and hasn't heard from since). The music is extremely moody and visual as Chris is also a gifted and successful painter. Chris has a massive and diverse back catalog of great songs; his concerts frequently run from 3 to 4 hours and are often performed with no setlist.

Chris likes to keep things spontaneous and in the moment and that's pretty much the way Looking Out for Number 6 was recorded. Most of the songs were written either in the studio or in the days just before the sessions, giving the album a real sense of immediacy. It should also be noted that the record was recorded on TAPE - that's right, TAPE - and subsequently mixed by Andrew Weiss, longtime Ween producer and former member of the Rollins Band and Butthole Surfers.

So here it is, the new Chris Harford album on Chocodog Records/Reincarnate Music - you don't really need to know any more biographical info to enjoy this music, it sort of speaks for itself. Looking Out for Number 6 is set for release on Chocodog Records /Reincarnate Music on October 3rd. Chris Harford and the Band of Changes are playing select local NY/NJ dates this summer. A tour is being scheduled for fall.

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