Laura Reed
Laura Reed Laura Reed has been steadily making a name for herself internationally with her soulful vocals, vulnerable songwriting, and electric live performances. Over the years Laura has written and performed with a vast array of artists including music legend George Clinton, and traveled to over 16 countries. Laura is currently working on her debut solo album "The Awakening", with Grammy award winning producer/songwriter Shannon Sanders, best known for his work with Neo-soul artist India Arie.

From a young age Laura has been a traveling songstress. Her road began in Johannesburg South Africa, where she was born and lived her early childhood before moving to North Carolina. Laura's music and personality have been shaped by these varied backgrounds, and her extensive travels worldwide. She speaks and sings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and sometimes even Zulu. It would be hard for her eclectic background to not influence her music and performances. In fact, it lends itself heavily to a captivating live show full of dance, story-telling, and raw inspired energy.

Laura currently resides in Nashville Tennessee, where she was beckoned by mentor, Grammy award winning Producer, Paul Worley to come and hone her talents as an artist and songwriter. It was Paul who introduced Laura to Shannon Sanders, an introduction which has lead to Shannon co-writing and producing her entire upcoming album, and joining her on the road as musical director. The first single off her album "The Awakening", will be the positive empowerment anthem "Faith not Fear", which is due out Spring of 2012.