BRUNT OF IT BRUNT OF IT started in 1995 in San Fransico, CA out of the ashes of Bay Area's HOODLUM EMPIRE. Many lyrics coming from Hoodlum's lead singer and braintrust, Rob Rock, who has been missing since 1995. Brunt Of It played gigs in the Bay Area for about a year until Boofish, the singer, moved back to the east coast. The band was reformed with childhood friends and band mates from the Rhode Island hardcore scene (RIX), where he was very active in his youth. The band blends a mix of Old School Hardcore Punk Rock with distorted, dissonant ska (not a clean guitar note in their set). Infectious choruses and driving beat in the backbone of Brunt Of It's no bullshit sound. In their 12 year existance they have shared the stage with numerous national/regional acts. Way too many to list.

They recorded a nine song CD in 1997 called, (by accident thanks to the printers) "Safety Margin". After a hiatus of 2 years in the band, they recorded a fourteen song CD in 2005, called Certain Uncertainty. This CD, coupled together with the power of the internet, has taken BRUNT OF IT to its busiest years yet.