Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones Born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, Twenty five year old songwriter Jacob Jones became a traveler early in life. His parents moved to Louisville, Kentucky when he was 6 years old, then back to Indiana after only a couple short years. When he was 10 they finally settled in Georgia. Jones, then in his teens and inspired by the music and lives of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen and John Prine soon found himself moving around again, this time by choice and in search of something new. After touring around with a few Georgia bands and doing some hard living in southern bars, a twenty-year-old Jones headed for New York City to start a new life. It was during his stay in New York that Jones began writing music in earnest. His subsequent friends and relationships fueled songs that would eventually end up on Love and War.

Recorded in Jones' new home of Nashville, TN in the winter of 2009, Love and War is an intimate time capsule, portraying the events of Jones' past several years in cinematic musical form. Title track "Love and War" starts out with just an acoustic guitar at first but soon a string quintet thrashes along in the chorus like a dust bowl scene in a John Ford film. Like Springsteen or even contemporary Ryan Adams, geography plays a big part in Jones' narrative and scenery. Nashville's influence on Jones' music can be heard in the pedal steels, fiddle, banjo, dobro and upright bass that provide much of the accompaniment on the album.

Jones has hit the ground running, quite literally. He's already recorded the follow up to Love and War to be released next year on Electric Western Records, the aptly titled "Bound For Glory". Although not out officially, the finished track can be heard online on Jones's website. In the meantime, he'll be on the road once again this time touring the United States to promote "Love and War" and "Bound For Glory". Those railroad tracks do lead somewhere. For Jones they have always led somewhere else. And for him, that just may be home.