Megan Burtt
Megan Burtt Welcome, fair reader, to Megan's biographical information page. Your decision to learn more about the phenomenon that is Megan Burtt sets you apart from all the other fans that are merely content to bask in the greatness of her musicianship. By reading Megan's bio you have proven yourself to be an intrepid soul with an inquisitive nature and impeccable taste.

Rejoice, fair reader, for the effort you take to read this bio will yield great dividends. Imagine the interest that attractive members of the opposite sex will take in you based on the ability to share your knowledge regarding one of the great musical sensations of our time. Say, for instance, that you are enjoying Megan's next performance and during the set break you catch the eye of someone cute. Your ability to say that Megan put together her first album at the age of seven is sure to spark that person's interest in further discussion. This album was entitled "Christmas '93" and was largely influenced by the works of Big Bird and Bonnie Raitt. While it did not break any sales records the record did receive high praise from both her grandmother and the little old lady who lived down the street and smelled inexplicably like whiskey and cigars.

Megan spent the years following her first record practicing the piano, but shortly after her sixteenth birthday, one fateful trip to the unseen corners of the attic revealed her father's long-lost guitar. The rest, you may say, is history. Within a few days of her discovery, Megan had taught herself to play and was writing her first songs for guitar. By 16, she had won Colorado’s statewide Colgate Country Music Competition and earned the enviable high school nickname of “that one girl with the guitar.”

Megan’s technical skill and well-written lyrics earned her admission to the highly prestigious Berklee College of Music. Putting her degree and school-wide songwriting recognition to use, Megan received an honorable mention at the New York Songwriters Circle Competition. Most recently, she was a top five finalist in the 2008 Telluride Bluegrass Competition and was invited to perform on the main stage for more than 10,000 people.

Megan has played shows all along the East and West Coasts in more than 30 cities including New York, Boston, Nashville, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and along the Mississippi Delta. In 2008, she signed a three month contract to play gigs while touring in Vietnam.

With two EPs under her belt and radio time on KRFC and KSMT in Colorado, Megan can usually be found playing with her band The Cure for Love and writing new songs. In 2009 s