Jason Wells
Jason Wells Jason Wells walked away from the security of an hourly job to pursue a music career. Many have called him crazy, but Jason realized that you only have one life to live and he wants to make a difference with his life. His music is emotionally moving, highly energetic, soul stirring, and rocking to the core. Raised up on The Who, Deep purple and Jimi Hendrix, Jason found his own style of playing. Many have said that Jason has in own style and when people try to put their finger on it to compare they find themselves mentioning two to three different guitarists.

Jason had his Debut CD out in 2010, "Stepping Out" which was an acoustic album named after his crazy step out into the full-time music career. His song "Cancer" was an emotionally charged song touching on the effects of cancer and honest emotions it brings dealing with this terrible disease. His song "Right Back Where I've Been" is a down right grooving tune that received regular airplay on X103.3 in Indianapolis, the major commercial radio station for all new rock. Also many other stations including online streaming radio.

Jason's brand new CD "Inside" is packed full of electric guitar riff driven rock and roll. Recorded with some of the best musicians around, which Jason hand picked. The songs in this CD all have very significant meaning and deal with issues that Jason and many other people deal with in this crazy life.

Jason's new video "Friend or Foe", which features some sick and dirty slide guitar, was an instant success and an overnight hit.