Oobleck Founded in 2008, Oobleck is five-piece funk based horn band hailing from the Capital Region of New York. And when we say funk, we actually mean funked-out-afro-rock-grunge-dub-whatever. It's a melee of horns, super heavy drums and bass and your favorite type of chunky guitar riffing that leaves your ass shaking and your face grinning.

Balancing razor sharp horn lines with live group improvisation, Oobleck mesmerizes…delving fearlessly where the moment takes them. Pushing the bounds of sound, Oobleck's funk is an unbridled expression of the dark and light: a quintet's worth of energy and synergy, infusing you with the raw love of music that comes only from playing, dancing and breathing from a place deep down. In the end, it's funk to fuel your soul.

"This 6 piece horn band plays originals that makes it hard to just sit and listen to. If you don't get an irresistible urge to move your feet, you probably have no soul." - Daniel Ross, CRUMBs Blog, The Times Union, May 5, 2011

"Anchored by the rhythm section of drummer Kevin Van Genechten and bassist Nick Wallas, the groove is the undeniable focus on the six-piece band's self-produced debut album Tell Your Mom I Said Hi that was home-recorded in a living room. Or perhaps I should say the grooves, because Oobleck brings the funk from a variety of different angles on this eight-song batch of original instrumental tunes. Sometimes they pump out the stone-cold soul-funk of the JBs. Sometimes they veer into the Afro-funk of Fela Kuti. And sometimes - especially on the album closers "Funk Sucker" and "Waiting for Ryan" - they head off into Frank Zappa's Grand Wazoo territory. - Nippertown! 10-12-2012