Hey Marseilles
Hey Marseilles Formed in 2006 by vocalist Nick Ward and guitarist Matt Bishop, Hey Marseilles quickly expanded into an eclectic, seven-piece band. The group took root in Seattle, where Ward and Bishop were attending the University of Washington. Ward's roommate, pianist/accordionist Philip Kobernik, was the first to join the core duo, and Hey Marseilles' lineup soon swelled with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Patrick Brannon, cellist Samuel Anderson, violist Jacob Anderson, and drummer Colin Richey. Released in December 2008, To Travels & Trunks unveiled the band's orchestral sound, one that seemingly took its cues from the Decemberists and other chamber pop groups. Hey Marseilles appeared at a variety of festivals the following year -- including CMJ, South by Southwest, and Bumbershoot -- and subsequently attracted the attention of the Starbucks coffee chain, which included one of the band's songs on a compilation, Sweethearts, Vol.2, in early 2010.