down 12
down 12 "Down 12" is a local cover band that rocks out in Columbus, Ohio. The band has been alive for 4 years and gigs at local bars, corporate bashes and private hell raisers!!! From AC/DC to the Eagles, Judas Priest to Pink......we cover it!!!!

What's up with the name "Down 12"?

Does it involve a drunken stupor and a 12 pack? Did someone lose a bet and is out twelve bucks? Is it the opponents score to a Buckeye's game? This is the question asked by many and known by few. Lead guitarist Pete Kinzer and drummer Kevin Bitters met with a Fender Strat and a Roland drum kit. After months of non-productive jam sessions and alcohol-induced fantasy rock star dreams, the thought of organizing a kick ass cover band came about.....and the hunt was, guitarist Steve Ehret, vocalist Michelle Mimna and bassist Kevin Donahoe complete the line-up. As for the name, come out to our next gig and maybe after a round of shots, screaming "oi's" to AC/DC's TNT track, you may just get the answer.......