Son of Fire
Son of Fire Son of Fire hails from Austin, Texas and is the brainchild of musician/songwriter Shea McCoy, a native of this hotbed of Rock n' Roll. In the fall of 2008, Shea hooked up with multiple Grammy winner Anton Pukshansky (Santana's Supernatural and Ozomotli's Street Signs) and began recording what was then an untitled album at the legendary Nightbird Recording Studios in West Hollywood. As recording started, Anton brought in Greg Ellis (Billy Idol/ Beck/Juno Reactor) to play drums and took care of the bass and organ himself as well as producing, recording and mixing. Final mastering was performed by another Grammy winner, the well respected Bryan Martin of Sonosphere Mastering.

What has come to light is a furious rock album laced with a southern style all its own. Shea asked his long time friend and seasoned musician, Daniel Listrom (Danny Bravo), also an Austin native, to play bass and add vocals. Then in early 2009, Shea met Brandon James Burke, an experienced drummer with a heavy resume and after one jam session was asked to fill the chair for the live act. With the lineup complete, Son of Fire is genuinely proving to be one of the hottest, most memorable rock bands to emerge from Texas in quite some time.

Taking their cues from legends like ZZ Top, Guns N Roses and The Black Crowes among others, Son of Fire is a 3 piece powerhouse of classic sensibilities with a modern twist. The band is currently shopping their self-titled album, Son of Fire, with major record labels and booking companies for the upcoming release and tours. They hold nothing back and will rock you all night long!