Via Tania
Via Tania Tania Bowers aka Via Tania has been on many-a-radar for sometime now, since her first "edition" of Moon Sweet Moon began to circulate amongst fans and the media earlier this year. Without an official release, raving reviews began tumbling in and hardcore fans recruited, thanks to word of mouth and the blogosphere.

Now, the newly produced and revamped Moon Sweet Moon is set to be released this October onThe Hours label when Tania and her band also hit the road (including a slew of CMJ dates) to share her wonderfully un-paragoned sound in the US.

"I was an outsider from an early age," says Tania Bower (aka Via Tania), a Sydney native who's weaved in and out of the Chicago music scene for the past decade. "I've always been quite comfortable with it, though."

Her solo work (as Via Tania) has always sounded like a long day's journey into night, as if the sun just set and you're suddenly surrounded by towering trees and the entire cast of Where the Wild Things Are. Moon Sweet Moon is a carefully sequenced, mesmerizing album. A parallel dimension that begins innocently enough (the echo chamber keys and buried shuffleboard beats of "The Beginning") but quickly turns bizarre and a bit, well, mad.

Her songs range from the snow globe soundtrack of "Wonder Stranger" and the cosmic disco chords of "Our Wild Flight" to the layered loops and melancholic melodies of "Light Years," finally ending with "Dangerously" which closes the curtain with slippery bass lines, subtle strings and a sudden speaker-kicking climax that breaks her spell just in time for you to start all over again.

Moon Sweet Moon, was co-produced by Craig Ross (Daniel Johnston, Spoon, Emmylou Harris) and features a revolving door of collaborators (including members of Tortoise and Shearwater).