Space Capone
Space Capone Space Capone's influence thrives off late 70's funk/soul/R&B with a fresh and modern twist. Still riding high off their debut album "Volume 1: Transformation" (released Spring of '08) they've already set a strong precedence in the southeast as a band that respects their influences but knows how to party at the same time. Space Capone is comprised of funky horns, chanky electrics and a tight rhythm section all by young musicians that are all scholars of funk, jazz, and R&B.

Lead singer/brain child Aaron Winters (professionally known as 'Space') states, "We've arrived on this planet to help save people from bad music. We're very serious about what we're doing, it just happens to be lots of fun so people might think we're a novelty act. What those people don't understand is that we're far from it." See for yourself at -------------.