Bearquarium This seven-piece groove unit blurs the line between meticulous song craft and cohesive improv with a hip blend of afro-percussive rhythms, fiery horn lines and funky dance grooves. Pinning Bearquarium down to just one genre is difficult, yet each tune has a distinctive sound that feels organic and unforced. In concert, the band fills the room with color and soul, using their songs as vehicles for experimenting with different levels of energy. In studio, this essence is creatively conceived and captured well. Nominated as a top finalist for Magic Hat’s Sponsor Your Tour Contest (2009) and recognized as releasing a Most Notable Album of 2009 (Burlington Free Press), Bearquarium brings a new wave of "fresh" to the table. The group released their debut self-titled album in July 2009, and is currently touring the northeast banging on drums in a town near you.