The Deal With 44
The Deal With 44 The Deal With 44 consists of friends from Northern Indiana, all sharing a passionate love of music, art, and nature. Together, the group plays a progressive style of hard rock influenced by a myriad of musicians, scoundrels, painters, conspirators, writers, and derelicts. The band operates on the fringes of a number of artistic genres and employs acidic measures in each composition. An opportunity to experience The Deal With 44 should be capitalized on, for it is thought that somewhere in the future Ol’ Scratch will come to collect his due. It must be noted, however, that each member has an individual plan for this event, and they all feel pretty good about their chances.

Members of The Deal With 44 are: Dave Fisher - Bass, Aaron Sandock - Guitar, Victor Stecenko - Drums, Jack Wilkinson - Vocals