NEWWORLDSON Armed with inspirational lyrics and a fresh new sound, NEWWORLDSON are rescuing soul music from being a mere genre or label and returning the art form to its sacred roots. Singer Joel Parisien says "there's a lack of community in people's lives today. If you trace back the roots of 'roots' music, of 'soul' music, of 'folk' music, it's about folks; it's social music. We hope our fans become our friends. We hope they leave our shows feeling inspired. Our community is about uplifting people." To a post-modern world that revolves around celebrity and consumerism, a manifesto like that seems anachronistic and distinctly un-cool. But this kind of prevailing cynicism reveals the need for classic music with a universal message. Supply and demand, ironically, and NEWWORLDSON stands poised to usher in a unique era of contemporary music history. With their rootsy blend of funk and old school gospel, NEWWORLDSON challenges a culture that venerates American Idol and disposable music in general. Undaunted, these unlikely defenders of soul are gracefully walking the line that fractures people into demographics, with passion and integrity. Four sons of the New World and their story has just begun.