Mystery Fyre
Mystery Fyre Truly a musical revolution for this generation, Mystery Fyre brings psychedelic classic-rock back to the music scene. Being strongly influenced by bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Doors has allowed Mystery Fyre to brew their own original vintage sound. From the screaming of bluesy guitar riffs, to the heart pounding bass grooves, to the mind splitting beating of the drums – it’s a body moving and raw experience unlike any other. As a band of three brothers, they continue to daze and amaze audiences both young and true to the music. However, before the grass could grow Mystery Fyre had to plant its seeds. So when the Bloomsburg-based band released their debut album in 2008 appropriately titled Seed, their grass grew faster than weeds. And with standout tracks like “Wildland” and “Doesn’t the Sky Look Tasty,” it’s no wonder hippies, deadheads, and anyone with a good ear can agree the Knorr brothers are on a trip to something big. Mystery Fyre now looks to lead a musical re-revolution through the grapevine of great American rock and roll.