Madison County
Madison County The most galvanizing quality about Madison County is their personal motto of "it's gotta be real". Born out of the desire to tour, MC started as a solo project and then evolved into a musical collaboration. Comprised of four guys that love loud music, MC is never lacking in the "rock riff" department, and their hyper-kinetic live shows are a constant climax. A notable quality of MC upon first listen is the cohesive but veritable spectrum of rock they serve up; huge riffs are juxtaposed with soaring vocal melodies. Polyrythmic drums compliment a pulsing bass groove, while the lead guitars compliment rather than eclipse the vocal harmonies. MC chooses to deny any intricate genres beyond the simple brand of rock. MC is rock and roll; loud, fast, sweaty, and exciting.

If you're the kind of listener that needs comparison, then here are some bands MC has been compared to and a few they are influenced by: Queens of the Stone Age, The Mars Volta, Minus The Bear, At the Drive-In, Priestess, Al diMeola, Led Zeppelin, etc.

To date MC has released 4 albums, toured the west coast, and gained an awesome fan-base. Originally based out of the small Arizona town, Prescott; MC is now operating at full power in Mesa, AZ.