The Boston Boys
The Boston Boys Future Roots band, The Boston Boys, formed in Boston in 2012, live in Brooklyn, and play around the world. In only two years, they’ve performed in over a dozen countries throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Their unique instrumentation, musicality, and fearless live performance is quickly earning them a loyal fan base. Not so secret spies or just an electrified band of gypsies on a mission? Either way, you’ll hear them coming.

Mandolinist, guitarist, and lead singer, Eric Robertson, initiated the project as a student at Berklee College of Music. He, along with multi-instrumentalist Duncan Wickel, bassist Josh Hari, and drummer Nicholas Falk deliver a new fusion of American roots music inspired by bedrock artists like Paul Simon, Ray Charles and The Band. They recorded their upcoming EP, studied entrepreneurship with California College of the Arts Design MBA faculty, and cut a deal with Musikara, an innovative platform for collaborating, sharing, and rearranging music while they were residents at Zoo Labs in Oakland, CA in October 2013.

The Boston Boys harness American grooves and redesign them for a radical future of global collaboration. Future Roots music combines your first love with what you think you know about the world. It’s big out there and always evolving. What’s the soundtrack? There are two EPs out ("What You Say?!? and "Keep You Satisfied") and a third going public in May 2014.