kLoB kLoB is new music for the soul. This eclectic five piece is rapidly winning over audiences from Florida to New York City, leaving a trail of life-long fans in its wake. Singer–songwriter/megastar Kip Kolb's animated vocals flow with a coy sort of witticism, a tongue-in-cheek transfer of life and experience that relates directly to the daily grind on planet Earth. Kip has his finger on the pulse of human communication, and "speed dial: LOVE," kLoB's first full-length independent release, is both a diagnosis and a treatment.

A live kLoB show is a true performance. Kip's passion is engaging and the entire band lights up at every change. The energy is uplifting, not dark. The music, and the guys making it, are infectious. You can understand the lyrics, and you'll want to sing along. With intentions to take these songs all over the country, and then the world, kLoB's songs are sure to be broadcast via satellite to the entire Universe. Be a believer, and spread the noise.