Chico And Chris
Chico And Chris Don't Call It A Duo....Call It What It What It Is....The Little Band With The Full Band Sound!

WOW!......That's what you hear when this little band from the big state of confusion takes the stage. With a big presence, big sound, and a big desire to have a great time......these guys give you a FULL BLOWN.....IN YOUR FACE ROCK SHOW!

Don't let the name fool you. This is not an acoustic duo. This is not 2 guys sitting on stools strumming Jimmy Buffet. This is an explosion of guitar and drums, this is an energy filled live show.

Chico and Chris have been winning over fans with their take no prisoners approach to live performances. Every show ends with someone walking out saying Wow, that was incredible.

Words don't do this band justice. The only way to get the full experience is to experience the show yourself, so be sure to check the calendar and make plans to be at the next show.