The Native Sway
The Native Sway The Native Sway was home-grown in the heart of the high country in Boone, NC.

This energetic quartet has come together under a wide range of influences from surf rock to soul, funk to bluegrass, punk to break-beat, house to dub, and jazz to world.

"They build upon a unique synergy, producing a sound that's both seamless in its transitions and varied in its many noticeable influences."

-Frank Ruggiero -The Mountain Times-

As they continue to develop a sound as diverse as their roots... The Native Sway's live show is guaranteed to keep the "Locals in Motion". Kevin and Justin Quinn are blood brothers raised in the quaint town of Weaverville, NC, just 5 minutes north of the hippest mountain town east of the Mississippi, with one of the hottest music scenes in the southeast- Asheville, NC. Together they grew up surrounded by an eclectic blend of roots music, from traditional bluegrass to some of the biggest names on the festival circuit and more. In the last 10, to 15 years Asheville has respectfully earned itself a spot on the map. The two brothers/best friends discovered their deep musical connection early on, and so which began their journey. Raised by the mountains, whilst living as kids of the scene, their constant interaction with the diverse landscape, and exposure to the creative brilliance attracted to the area proved not only inspirational, but more a life-molding experience. As JQ explored the guitar, mandolin, and drums, KQ picked up percussion, lyricism, and the didgeridoo. Together the two developed a style, and a vision all their own.

Meanwhile, close to the coast in a small, cultural, and historical town, New Bern, NC, a diamond in the rough emerged. Surf, sand, and sun was life. At age 11, a guitar landed in the hands of Josh Bertram, never to leave his grasp. Initially fueled by punk and classic rock, Bertram quickly experienced the energy and emotion that music can evoke. Joined with drummer and brother Nick Bertram, Josh began jamming and experimenting with bands at an early age. At age 16 you could find Josh paying in local and regional clubs with Bryan Mayer, Pat Edwards, and Nick Bertram with the band Stretch and Company. In his short but exciting musical career he has had the chance to share the stage with National acts such as The Marshall Tucker Band, Johnny Winter, Blackfoot, and Edwin McCain. Since the beginning of his musical life he has strived to develop a unique sound and style that has continued to grow and evolve over time. After a solid 10 years of dedication, the shredder's effortless, epic leads portray a skill and potential so few ever attain.

Concurrently, to the west, a storm began to brew on the horizon, later to be known as "the Turner Kid". In his early days, Kelly Turner was drawn headlong into the Birmingham punk scene just as he bought his first kit. As his taste and style progressed, he never lost the fast and furious techniques of his earliest influence. The drummer's ability to blend solid, vicious, percussive attacks with smooth, rolling, meticulous persuasion compliments and completes the sound the group is known for.

The four members converged in the heart of the high country- Boone, NC. As students of Appalachian State University, they met through mutual friends, and the occasional jam-party. They felt a strong attraction to play together, and the first exclusive jam in Josh and Kelly's basement rendered an unmistakable, incomparable chemistry between them. That was late August of 2008. Since then, they have grown thanks to their enormous Boone family, to whom they credit much of their success. "Without the crowd, there is no show. Our grassroots network of friends and fans have helped us from the git-go, and that's what's real. That's what matters."

The atmosphere at their live show is full of energy captured by the intimate stage presence the four share through their communication, and contact. Their dynamics lend variety.

"The build ups, break-downs, and drop-offs leave you guessing. You can't help but move."