Hokum Factory
Hokum Factory In the heart of Easy Town, six musicians with diverse backgrounds but a unifying need for funk form to create the Hokum Factory. Operating at night, their mission is to reverse the process of control that dominates life during the day. Stocked up on hokum, the stuff you can't define that makes the unpredictable happen, they ride the kink express all over the country, bringing the potent stuff to rooms filled with sweaty fans who dance, sing and clap to the mighty funk of the factory.

The Hokum show combines rhythm, hooks, lights, fashion, storytelling and audience participation to set the mood that lets the faithful forget their responsibility, their purpose, their desk chairs. Jonny P leads the group with the low end, writing the funk masterpieces that defines the will of the hokum. Next to him, filling out the four part vocal harmonies that bring to mind the 70s masters, are Rob Miller on saxophone, Sean Reilly on guitar and Shady O'Grady on keys. The booty shaking textures are provided by Linus J. Brown on the drum set and Theo Moore on percussion, two rhythm gonzos who make sure no posterior is left unmoved.

Keeping the crowd swaying, drinks flowing and lovely ladies dancing; Hokum factory packs the house for hours, shaking the pants off the party one beat at a time.