Oren Lavie
Oren Lavie Oren Lavie is a songwriter of curly brown hair, whisperish voice, green eyes and suspiciously cold feet. He was born in 1976, two minutes behind schedule, and has been trying to catch up ever since.

In 2007 Oren's debut album, THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA, was released in Europe. If you happen to live in that particular continent - buy it around the corner, behind the bakery and next to the flower shop.

In January 2008 Oren has started his own label in the US, named it, then renamed it, changed it again and finally decided to call it A Quarter Past Wonderful. He then released the album on i-tunes US. Later in the month the album has been featured on the i-tunes Singer/Songwriter Spotlight, after which it auspiciously climbed to No. 30 on the charts. Shortly after that, the album track 'Her Morning Elegance' was chosen to feature on a US Chevrolet TV commercial. The aforementioned author, who has never owned a car in his life, and who has diligently ignored the invention of Television, could not stop giggling for days. With a song in his heart he continues to take the bus.

A full physical US release of THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA is planned for later, somewhere between a little later and quite-considerably-later, depending on a series of ever changing factors of mysterious nature.

THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA album was written and produced by Oren Lavie, and recorded in his Berlin apartment throughout a period of 3 years.