The Souvenirs
The Souvenirs From out of the wayside nooks and crannies of Tulsa, Oklahoma come the four members of The Souvenirs. They feature the original music of Chris Lee Becker who does most of the singing, plays the mandolin and the rhythm guitar. The young picker with fifteen fingers on his left hand, Mike Hopper II, holds down the lead acoustic guitar spot whilst mega-reliable rhythmist Daniel Redmond thumps away on the doghouse acoustic upright bass. The cosmic and intangible honky-tonk sounds of the keys are made by the one and only Jay Lesikar. Combining Becker's intelligent and poignant writing style and the all-around instrumental wizardry of Hopper, Redmond and Lesikar, The Souvenirs emanate sounds reminiscent of bluegrass, country, Americana, acoustic rock-ola and the dang ol' kitchen sink to produce what is, in effect, Folk For Your Domepiece.