What's That? (a Radiohead Project)
What's That? (a Radiohead Project) "What's That? (a Radiohead Project)" is a 6-piece group of Minneapolis-based musicians devoted entirely to the presentation of the music of Radiohead. Embracing the experimental nature of Radiohead's music, the group utilizes improvisation and unique arrangements of Radiohead's most challenging and popular material, while remaining true to the originality of the compositions.

"What's That? (a Radiohead Project)" has been generating a buzz around Minneapolis, which has not seen a concert by Radiohead in more than a decade. Musical Director and keyboardist, Marc Z., says he formed the project out of a desire to bring Radiohead's music to the Twin Cities. "When I saw that Lollapalooza in Chicago was as close as they were coming this year, I wanted to bring something to the fans in the Twin Cities who deserved to hear this music performed locally."

"What's That? (a Radiohead Project)" strives to deliver a fresh and spontaneous approach to their interpretation of Radiohead's music. "We try to avoid mimicry and imitation as much as possible," Marc says, "while at the same time remaining true to what makes the music so original in the first place." Like their namesake, the group incorporates a fair amount of improvisation into their performances, while also developing unique arrangements of the material. "Our goal is to embrace the experimental nature of Radiohead's music, while delivering a quality live experience for all the people who've connected with this music over the years," Marc said.

Members of "What's That? (a Radiohead Project)" were recruited entirely through an ad placed on Craigslist. "Quite a few people responded and asked to audition," Marc says. "When I pointed them towards the most challenging Radiohead songs and asked, ‘Can you play this?' a lot of them stopped returning my e-mails. But luckily, the ones who stuck with it are the ones in the group today."

The group's current set list includes nearly 30 of Radiohead's most innovative and popular material, ranging from the multi-platinum album, OK Computer, to its equally successful follow-up, the experimental Kid A, to this year's name-your-price download, In Rainbows.