The Plaine Truth
The Plaine Truth The Plaine Truth was founded in late 2004 by drummer and singer Brian Plaine. Shortly after, Brian was joined by guitar player Yoav Thaler and a tight songwriting team was born. Brian and Yoav went through several lineups in search of the perfect pocket, and ended up with bass monster Anthony Mancebo locking down the rhythm section with a super solid groove. Recently, the band added the lovely and talented Chiz Nwokonkor on backing vocals.

The Plaine Truth melds classic / hard rock, soul and funk influences into catchy, intelligent songs that capture the hearts of listeners everywhere. The band recorded a five-song EP in 2008 and is currently gigging around NYC, with plans to tour the North East in 2010.

A good fairytale is a really sweet thing but there ain't nothing like THE PLAINE TRUTH!