Greyleaf Greyleaf is a not just a name it's more of a feeling. It's about when you are out with your friends and the people you love and want to have a good time and relax. Our good time feeling comes from a group of musicians rooted in the Fox Valley. The birth of Greyleaf was spawned by jam sessions that started in 2005 and eventually evolved from two members to the current line-up. The sound you will hear has diverse influences from our many backgrounds. The combination of rock, funk, blues, and reggae come together to an create an inviting sound all of their own. Greyleaf is an avid supporter of the community and enjoys playing special events for positive causes as well as the numerous bars, coffee shops, festivals across the Midwest and parties throughout the area. The debut album, titled "Redemption" was recorded at Rock Gardens Studio and released December 28th, 2007. Hard work paid off when Greyleaf received a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Institution) Nominee for Best New Band in 2008. Through our extensive catalogue of original music and cover songs Greyleaf show slowly turn into lively sing-a-longs. Greyleaf is consistently improving and expanding their original music to make themselves worthy of their accomplishments.