Free Agents Brass Band
Free Agents Brass Band When Hurricane Katrina came ashore and displaced New Orleans musicians throughout the world, a group of these native musicians became the “Free Agents Brass Band” while displaced from the home they love. After watching their city drown, many New Orleanians relocated to Atlanta, Georgia were they would soon become desperate to hear jazz music and the second line they loved in their pre-Katrina New Orleans. Free Agents Brass Band was started by Ellis Joseph. “I consider myself a free agent, so that’s where the name came from,” says leader, bass drummer Ellis “EJo” Joseph. Ellis, an experienced bass drummer, who had traveled with many brass bands, saw the demand, gathered several other musicians who had also relocated to Atlanta, and the Free Agents were born. “We were all trying to be generous to everyone to make sure everybody had and still has work," says Ellis. Of these musicians were trombone player Alfred Growe, Tuba Player Arian “Big Boy” Macklin Sr., and Trombone Player Ersel “Garfield” Bogan. Trumpet players Shannon Haynes, Chad Brown, Julian Gosin and snare drum player Renard “Teedy Man” Henry would soon follow. The Free Agents have earned the respect of the community for their professionalism, versatility, musicianship and are known as “The People’s Brass Band”. With over 100 combined years playing with brass bands and have played with bands ranging from the Rebirth, New Birth, Stooges, Soul Rebels, High Steppers, Pin Stripe, and Showtime Brass Bands. Because of the Free Agents love for the second line culture and reliability, many of the band leaders of the bands listed above call upon the Free Agents regularly to stand in for some of their top gigs. The music is live and intense and the showmanship is second to none. Many bands are called but chosen are few. Any crowd will thoroughly enjoy the Free Agents and leave musically satisfied longing for more of that classic New Orleans Second Line. Free Agents Brass Band is available for all occasions from the cradle to the grave including: birthdays, weddings, parties, concerts, funerals, grand openings, parades and the list goes on. Need a band? Free Agents Brass Band is the band for you. For the Free Agents, it is a “Love” for New Orleans jazz, the Second Line Culture, and they are dedicated to playing this music and keeping that culture alive.