SeepeopleS Earning glowing accolades from critics and racking up recording credits with musical virtuosos such as Tim Reynolds and Dana Colley, there is no doubt that SeepeopleS are one of the most dynamic and unique up and coming rock acts to appear on the scene in years. Dubbed "pop in the best possible sense of the word" (Bangor Daily News), SeepeopleS' sound is an infectious blend of pop, reggae, trance, prog-rock and ambient styles, simultaneously eclectic, tightly crafted and pioneering. Led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Will Bradford, SeepeopleS are an intense live act with influences including the Beta Band, Burning Spear, The Orb, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Kula Shaker.

SeepeopleS were born in Allston, MA in 2000 out of the breakup of Naked Ear recording artists Cosmic Dilemma. After Cosmic D's demise, singer/songwriter Will Bradford, drummer Tim Haney and bassist Dan Ingenthron decided to finish the band's outstanding tour dates. Bolstering their entry into the touring scene with momentum from the regionally very successful Cosmic D, the group changed their name to SeepeopleS and immediately got invited to the CMJ Music Marathon in 2000, sharing a bill with Cracker at the Acme Underground in NYC.

SeepeopleS released their first album, "For the Good of the Nation," in 2002, which marked the union of SeepeopleS with producer Will Holland. "For the Good of the Nation" also featured one of Bradford's major influences, former Morphine sax player Dana Colley, who collaborated with the band on two of the album's tracks. Colley's soulful contributions have since characterized a part of SeepeopleS' sound, and he reprises his role with the band, along with Holland, on their sophomore record, "The Corn Syrup Conspiracy."

In late 2002, Haney and Ingenthron left SeepeopleS for personal reasons, leaving Bradford with the SeepeopleS name and the majority of the band's songs. Determined not to let his vision die, Bradford put together a group of talented musicians and took SeepeopleS back on the road for two years, building the band's reputation as a relentlessly touring sound machine while creating and fine-tuning material for "The Corn Syrup Conspiracy." "Corn Syrup" was released in October 2004 and features a barrage of top-notch talent including Tim Reynolds, Dana Colley, Spearhead's Dave Shul and funk stars Peter Keys and Ray Davis of Original Parliament.

In September of 2004, the original lineup (Bradford, Haney and Ingenthron) reunited and is currently on tour in support of "Corn Syrup." SeepeopleS have played for crowds of 2,500 and have opened for acts ranging from The Presidents of the USA and Cracker to De La Soul, Sound Tribe Sector 9 and Pete Yorn. Watch out for the SeepeopleS revolution, coming soon to a city near you.