Under the Porch
Under the Porch Michael, Josh, Brett, and Ayinde have been jammin together since they were young teens in Marietta, Georgia. After high school, they each went their seperate ways, but continued to play music with various local bands in Savannah, Athens, and Atlanta. Seven years later, they happened to end up back in Atlanta and it wasn't long before they were making music. Instead of just playing covers like the good ol' days, they started to focus on original material. Then came along Gary and Post who brought the band to a different level with their experience and talent. They were the final pieces of the puzzle and the band is complete, yet ever-evolving. Michael Blair’s (Vocal/Guitar) unique voice works well with the band’s dynamic playing. Next to Blair, stands Gary Paulo (Saxophone/Guitar), a unique and extremely versatile saxophone virtuoso while also switching to the guitar with some blues and jazz. Ayinde Bryant (Bass) will make sure you are funkdafied. John Post (Keys) has recently joined UTP and has added a necessary touch to their music. In addition, Josh Abdi (Drums) and Brett Winchester (Percussion) will be providing the beats for your dancing pleasure.