Mountain of Venus
Mountain of Venus In short: formed 1999 in Steamboat Springs, CO Moved to Boston for three years. Toured a lot. Moved to Fayetteville, AR. Toured a lot more. Moved into the van with 6 people & 3 dogs. Nothin' but touring. Ahh the good life. Lost our rhythm guitar player, Jody, to the seduction of "settling down." We were sad. "Replaced" him with a keyboard player. Didn't work. Became a four-piece band. Pretty cool. Dave, bass player, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Not cool at all. Lost our guitar player, Mike. Man. Dave kicked cancer's ass in Florida. VERY cool. Lost our drummer, Stingray. Regained our drummer, Stingray. YIPPEE! Moved back to Fayetteville. Very, very, very cool. Getting back to playing with a whole new attitude and perspective. And a new bass player, Amos. He's good. Real good. Dave plays guitar now. Also good. Real good. Stingray still plays drums. He too is good. Real good. And Tanya still sings. She's pretty good, I guess. So come out & see us. Full bio coming soon. This is ample for now, right?