The Blind Spots
The Blind Spots In January of 2008 Mike Suave, longtime figure on the North Country circuit as the voice of The South Catherine Street Jug Band and later The Nitecrawlers, met Maddy Walsh through a mutual friend. She had just moved back to her hometown of Ithaca, NY after recording her first album in Sacramento, California with the help of several local musicians and friends. By the summer, they found themselves playing for millionaire mushroom farmers in Kennett Square, PA, at upper-class beach-front gay soirées, on porches and in basements full of young Brooklyn professionals, eating free seafood, sleeping in Suave’s car or on the floor of abandoned apartment buildings owned by old friends. On these adventures they began co-writing, which would later serve as the foundation upon which The Blind Spots’ sound was built. They added Oursler (electric and upright bass), Openshaw (’50s Wurlitzer, organ, and synth), and Fuller (also a member of The SCSJB /drums and percussion) around the same time. The group quickly matured into a tight unit. The songs are diverse, but classified most simply, the genre is Rock. - Infused with Pop, Americana, Folk, and Adult Alternative flavors. Thank You!