ManDown ManDown started in 2004. It started with cousins Kevin McKeown (bassist) and Paul Lewis (guitarist). In 2005, Ben Ivey (drummer) and Locke Bowers (singer) joined the group, bringing their different thought patterns and unique tastes to round out the fresh sound that goes into the band's writing process.

First and foremost, they are musicians. Since their beginning, they've stressed writing music that's new and different - music that doesn't seclude one specific genre. They're a band that likes to write songs that are fun to listen to. They like to write songs that are truly original; and if they're not original, they're probably just fun to move to.

They're not a band that takes themselves too seriously, but they do have big plans in the future. This is overly apparent in the manner that they conduct themselves at shows. This is a band that can be extremely impressive and leave you laughing your way out the door when the night's over.