Sirena Serpentina
Sirena Serpentina Sirena Serpentina is based out of Long Beach, California. The troupe was formed in 2003, emerging from a collective of women who started creating, dancing and connecting spiritually through nature and yoga. Sirena Serpentina collaborates with many local artists, musicians &and community organizers to share special events & inspiration. The troupe performs for both private and public audiences. Past performances include New Orleans Voodoo Festival, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Venice Beach Carnivale, and the Long Beach Martin Luther King Day Parade.

Their unique fusion of Tribal Fire Bellydance choreography and incredible sister energy combine in an unforgettable experience. Every performance is stylized to reflect the ambiance of the occasion. They incorporate the use of fire tools including poi, staff, hoop, fans, palms, ropes, umbrellas and belly belt. Combined with beautifully designed costumes, body art and music selections, each performance is truly one of a kind.