Levi Lowrey
Levi Lowrey Levi has been supported by a family of musicians, most notably his great-great-grandfather, who was an influential in the development of the bluegrass movement. Levi's musical abilities progress through his schooling. He picked the violin on 6th grade “Pick Your Instrument Day”, he began playing bluegrass in the 7th grade, began singing in high school, and began writing and playing guitar shortly after. However, it was not until Levi wrote his first song that he realized music is what he wanted to pursue. This was further validated when he saw an early Butch Walker performance and wanted to connect to an audience like Butch did. Levi is confident he's on the correct path, which he confirmed after a recent NYC performance, where an Atlantic Records exec said to Levi, “I had to meet you. You silenced a NYC crowd.”

Levi aims to make his mark by delivering honest and direct songwriting to audiences willing to connect with the message.

While performing, Levi prefers more intimate venues but relishes opportunities to captivate susceptive larger audiences with his candid storytelling. The moments and messages in Levi's songwriting are specific. They target individuals through empathy or shared experience. Levi's communication goal is simple – “if I can make people feel what I've felt, then I've done my job.”