Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck
Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck's music come from a place that is rooted in the densely forested mountains of central Vermont. The result is a combination of no-nonsense traditionalism and forward-looking individualism that reflects the mythical stories of the people and rugged landscape of that state. Forging influences as diverse as Fugazi, Yes, Stax/Motown, Lowell George (Little Feat), Buffalo Tom, Jerry Garcia and Ali Farke Toure, the band has realized the full potential of its soulful, modern mountain music with its new full-length, Bottom of the Sky.

Soon after Bow recorded Spend It All (featuring the legendary Levon Helm on drums), the Perfect Trainwreck happened. In 2008, the band entered Levon’s studios to lay down their self-titled debut album with Justin Guip (engineer on Levon’s Grammy-winning albums) helming the boards. As Wikipedia puts it, a trainwreck is usually the result of a lack of communication. In this band’s case, the lack of practice caused by the band’s distance from each other could have spelled doom. But as the band played gigs throughout the area, including Midnight Rambles at Levon’s barn in Woodstock and a stint opening for Phish’s Mike Gordon, the energy and spontaneity of their shows convinced the band that rehearsal is overrated.

With the band’s home studio still under construction, it was back to good ol' Levon's for the follow-up, a record that showcases Bow’s recent exploration of his Deering electric banjo and effects boxes to create tones unlike any other. Justin was back at the wheel recording the band live once again. Bow and Perfect Trainwreck look forward to sharing these songs on the road and establishing themselves alongside contemporaries they greatly admire, such as Blitzen Trapper, The Drive-By Truckers and Tom Petty.