Vadoinmessico Vadoinmessico formed in Autumn of 2006 when Giorgio Poti (Italy), Salvador Garza (Mexico) and Stefan B. (Austria) met at music college in London. Since 2008 they have been playing around London and created a very strong and supportive following. The live band consists of Giorgio Poti (Vocals - Guitar) Stefan B. (Banjo - Ukulele - Keys - Vocals) Salvador Garza (Keyboards - Toys - Drums) and their good friends Minh Le from IGNUG (Drums) Alessandro Morrosu from Tulsa is OK (Bass) and Javier Weyler from Capitan Melao - Stereophonics (Drums).

Vadoinmessico have an up-lifting, mediterranean-psychedelic sound with soaring vocals and songs that transport you away to a sunnier place of mind that not even the greyest of moods can resist.

Releases: Vadoinmessico EP - October 2009 Demo - August 2008